Nevada Election Integrity Intervention

Election Integrity Project of Nevada v. Nevada

On behalf of the Institute for a Progressive Nevada and Progressive Leadership Alliance of Nevada, we filed a motion to intervene as defendants in a right-wing lawsuit attempting to undermine vote by mail in Nevada. The lawsuit, brought by Election Integrity Project of Nevada, challenged the state’s efforts to protect Nevada voters during the pandemic.

Four Pillars Cases

Nevada RNC Intervention

Donald J. Trump for President v. Cegavske

Republicans and the Trump campaign challenged Nevada’s election bill enacted in response to our Four Pillars litigation. The bill legalized ballot collection, adopted a new standard and more generous cure options for signature match, required polling locations on Nevada’s reservations, and many other voting rights expansions necessary for the 2020 general election. On behalf of the DNC, DCCC and Nevada State Democratic Party, we intervened on the side of the defendants.


Nevada Recall Effort

Silberkraus v. Woodhouse

Representing State Senators who argued that a recall effort against them had thousands of invalid signatures.


Nevada Ballot Initiative

Prevent Sanctuary Cities v Haley

Representing the nonprofit Tu Casa Latina in its assertion that a ballot initiative petition by Prevent Sanctuary Cities PAC was invalid.


Nevada Voter ID (Ballot Petition Challenge)

Alfaro v. Our Vote Nevada PAC

Represented voters keeping a voter ID law petition off the ballot.


Nevada Redistricting

Guy, et al. v. Miller

Represented Democratic voters in redistricting lawsuit after the continued failure of the Nevada Legislature to pass legislation that the Governor would not veto. The court found the existing Congressional and Legislative Districts were “unconstitutionally malapportioned” violating the 14th amendment and the U.S. Constitution.


Nevada COVID-19 Election Relief

Corona v. Cegavske

We sued on behalf of individual plaintiffs, the Nevada State Democratic Party, the DNC, the DCCC and Priorities USA ahead of the June 2020 Nevada Primary Election. The Nevada Secretary of State announced this primary would be all-mail, closing every polling location except for one in each county. This plan will leave too many Nevadans without a meaningful ability to vote, as it excludes qualified voters with “inactive” status and exacerbates existing problems with Nevada’s election laws such as a ballot collection ban and signature matching rules. We voluntarily dismissed the case after the legislature responded to our litigation with a bill that addressed 100% of our case claims.


Nevada Vote by Mail Federal Intervention

Paher v. Cegavske

We successfully intervened as defendants on behalf of the Nevada State Democratic Party, DNC, DCCC, Priorities and an individual voter. Plaintiffs in this federal case are attempting to shut down the Nevada Secretary’s move to an all-mail election due to the unprecedented public health crisis caused by COVID-19. We intervened to support the Secretary’s decision to designate this an all-mail election, while still noting that the Secretary’s policy does not go far enough to protect all Nevada voters by referencing our Nevada four pillars case.