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Learn about the legal efforts shaping the fight to protect voting rights. Use the filters to find out what cases are happening in your state or use the drop-down menu to sort cases by topic.

State of New York

New York Redistricting Petition

Hoffmann v. New York State Independent Redistricting Commission

Petition filed on behalf of New York voters against the New York State Independent Redistricting Commission and its members alleging that they failed to complete mandatory redistricting duties.


State of Missouri

Missouri Voter Assistance Limitations Challenge

Missouri Protection & Advocacy Services v. Ashcroft

Lawsuit filed on behalf of Missouri Protection and Advocacy Services, VozKC and voters against Missouri Secretary of State John Ashcroft (R), the Kansas City Board of Election Commissioners, the St. Louis County Board of Elections and Boon County Clerk challenging Missouri’s limits on voter assistance.


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