Ashley Cleaves

Case Manager | [email protected]

Ashley oversees our case tracking and drives the overall strategy of our litigation-related content. She is a graduate of Howard University and Emory Law School. Before joining Democracy Docket, she was a senior research and policy manager at Fair Fight Action.

Gabrielle Corporal

Social Media Coordinator | [email protected]

Gabrielle creates daily content across our social media platforms. She keeps our audience up to date on all things Democracy Docket and voting rights. Gabrielle is from Maryland and graduated from the University of Kansas.

Madison Coviello

Graphic Designer | [email protected]

With color, type, and composition Madison keeps our visual brand just as sharp as our content! As our graphic designer, she turns important (and often dense) political topics into clever, eye-catching graphics that aid in telling the story. (Talk about pictures and 1000 words!)

Marc Elias


Marc Elias is a nationally recognized authority in voting rights, redistricting and law. In 2020, Marc led the historic legal effort to protect voting rights, winning over 60 lawsuits against the GOP’s efforts to suppress the vote, and continues to fight in court. Fighting for democracy by his side is Marc’s Portuguese Water Dog named Bode.

Sophie Feldman

Sr. Social Media Coordinator | [email protected]

Sophie creates content across our social media accounts, often formulating breaking news updates and live tweeting court proceedings. She ensures our audience remains engaged by producing Democracy Docket’s video content on TikTok and Instagram.

Madeleine Greenberg

Sr. Case Coordinator | [email protected]

Madeleine tracks and reports on voting rights, redistricting and election litigation. She attended New York University where she received her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in political science. Previously, she interned at the DNC and on the Hill for Sen. Alex Padilla.

Devon Hesano

Staff Writer | [email protected]

Devon is a staff writer who covers democracy related legislation and litigation. He is especially interested in electoral college reform. He previously wrote for The Michigan Daily and studied at the University of Michigan.

Talia Marcus

Content Manager | [email protected]

Talia oversees the strategy and production of our newsletters, long-form writing and breaking news alerts. Prior to Democracy Docket, she worked on the Hill as Rep. Mondaire Jones’ press secretary and graduated from UCLA.

Paige Moskowitz

Social Media Manager | [email protected]

As the social media manager, Paige oversees all social accounts for Democracy Docket and co-hosts the weekly Defending Democracy podcast with Marc Elias. Paige is from Houston, Texas and graduated from Barnard College.

Allie Rothenberg

Director of Operations & Strategy | [email protected]

Allie has been with Democracy Docket since it launched in 2020. She runs the day-to-day operations, manages the staff and sets Democracy Docket’s overarching editorial and strategic goals.

Rachel Selzer

Sr. Case Coordinator | [email protected]

Rachel is a senior case coordinator at Democracy Docket who tracks and reports on a wide range of voting rights and election-related litigation. As an undergraduate, she organized for the Michigan Democratic Party and served as a poll worker in St. Louis, Missouri.