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Learn about the legal efforts shaping the fight to protect voting rights. Use the filters to find out what cases are happening in your state or use the drop-down menu to sort cases by topic.

State of New York

New York City Noncitizen Voting Law

Fossella v. Adams

Lawsuit filed on behalf of a group of Republican voters and officials representing New York at the local and federal levels challenging New York City’s new noncitizen voting law.



State of Wisconsin

Wisconsin Voter Purge Challenge

League of Women Voters of Wisconsin v. Knudson

Lawsuit filed by the League of Women Voters of Wisconsin (LWVWI) challenging the deactivation of over 31,000 Wisconsin voter registrations in July 2021.


State of Michigan

Michigan Voter Purge

Public Interest Legal Foundation v. Benson

Lawsuit filed on behalf of the Public Interest Legal Foundation claiming that Michigan does not maintain accurate voter rolls and thousands of voters must be purged from its lists.


State of Iowa

Iowa English-only Law

League of United Latin American Citizens of Iowa v. Pate

Lawsuit filed on behalf of LULAC of Iowa challenging the state’s failure to provide non-English election materials, specifically Spanish language materials, to voters with limited English proficiency.


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