The Huge Legal Assault on Arizona’s Voting Procedures

May is a very busy month for election-related litigation in Arizona, with several other lawsuits set to have pivotal hearings that could be consequential for the state's elections — especially if they were to make it…

Redistricting updates

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Pennsylvania Judge Denies Centre County GOP Request To Disqualify Undated and Misdated Mail-In Ballots

A Pennsylvania judge today rejected a request from Centre County GOP Chair Michelle Schellberg and local voters to disqualify nearly 100 mail-in ballots cast in the state’s April 23 primary election with misdated or undated outer…

Nevada Photo ID Initiative For 2024 Ballot Will Proceed, State Supreme Court Rules

Nevada voters could vote on whether the state will adopt strict photo ID rules to vote if the initiative gains enough signatures to be on the ballot, the state supreme court ruled unanimously today. 

DOJ Secures Spanish Language Voting Assistance in Rhode Island 

Voters in Pawtucket, Rhode Island will have increased access to Spanish-language assistance and provisional ballots  after the U.S. Department of Justice entered an agreement with the city requiring it to develop a comprehensive Spanish language voting…

The Supreme Court Homelessness Case Threatens Our Basic Humanity

If the question is whether cities like Grants Pass are engaging in “cruel and unusual” behavior, this should be an open-and-shut case.