The RNC Is Inflating Its Legal Attack on Voting Rights

A recent internal RNC memo claims the committee to have “engaged” in 78 lawsuits across 23 states in the 2023-2024 election cycle, a thorough review of the RNC’s memo reveals a far lower number.

Redistricting updates

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Idaho Supreme Court Upholds Ban on Student IDs for Voting

In a unanimous ruling issued yesterday, the Idaho Supreme Court dismissed a state-level lawsuit challenging a pair of youth voter suppression laws enacted by the Republican-controlled Legislature last year.

Judge Dismisses Challenge to Georgia’s Voter Citizenship Verification Requirements 

Georgia’s voter citizenship verification requirements for naturalized citizens will stand, a federal judge ruled in the midst of a trial earlier today, keeping in place the state's process of cross checking citizenship status to determine voter…

Federal Judge Strikes Down Miami’s Racially Gerrymandered Commission Districts 

A federal judge in Florida yesterday struck down Miami’s city commission districts for being unconstitutional racial gerrymanders and ordered the implementation of a new map for future elections. 

Supreme Court Mifepristone Case Forecasts Decisions Worse Than Dobbs

If we want to preserve what we have left we have to acknowledge the very real and present threat and demand champions who will fight back.