North Carolina Supreme Court Will Rehear Two Voting Rights Cases With New GOP Majority

On Friday, Feb. 3, the North Carolina Supreme Court agreed to rehear two cases.

Virginia House Passes Strict Photo ID to Vote Bill

On Thursday, Feb. 2, the Republican-controlled Virginia House of Delegates passed a bill that would tighten ID requirements to vote.

After Attacking Mail-in Voting for Years, Trump Now Supports Drop Boxes

On Thursday, Feb. 2, former President Donald Trump, who has a long history of disparaging mail-in voting and spreading conspiracy theories about the commonsense voting tool, came out in favor of drop boxes, secure receptacles used…

2020 Redistricting Cycle Report: How Maps Were Challenged in Court

Since the release of 2020 census data, Democracy Docket tracked 111 lawsuits challenging maps (or lack thereof) related to 2020 redistricting. Here's what we noticed.