“It Goes Back To Redistricting:” Black Voters and the Fight for Fair Representation 

During Black History Month we highlight how the fight for fair maps impacts Black voters' lives.

Redistricting updates

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Federal Judge Strikes Down Provision of Florida’s 2023 Voter Suppression Law

A federal judge today struck down a provision of Florida's 2023 omnibus anti-voting law that bars noncitizens from collecting or handling voter registration applications on behalf of third-party voter registration organizations.

Federal Court Strikes Down Provisions of Arizona Voter Suppression Laws

In a 109 page opinion issued earlier today, a federal court struck down provisions of two Arizona voter suppression laws.

Michigan Redistricting Commission Adopts New House Map Following Court Order

The Michigan Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission (MICRC) has adopted a new proposed House map after making changes to 15 districts. The map will soon be sent to federal judges for review.

Redefining “Politicians” in 2024

The path to a brighter future lies in the hands of those who are ready to step up and lead.