Thousands of Misdated and Undated Ballots Rejected in Pennsylvania’s 2024 Primary, Court Battles Ensue

Pennsylvania voter Phyllis Sprague, 80, went more than 50 years without missing a presidential election.

Redistricting updates

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Group Challenges Burlington, Vermont Law That Allows Noncitizen Voting

Restoring Integrity and Trust in Elections (RITE), a right-wing group, filed a lawsuit Tuesday on behalf of two voters challenging a provision in the Burlington, Vermont law that allows noncitizens to vote in local elections.

DOJ Steps in To Defend Federal Voter Assistance Protections in Ohio

The U.S. Department of Justice chimed into a federal lawsuit out of Ohio yesterday to defend a Voting Rights Act provision that enables voters with disabilities to receive assistance from an individual of their choice.

What To Watch for in Pivotal Wisconsin Supreme Court Race

Dane County Judge Susan Crawford is seeking to preserve the high court’s liberal majority in her campaign to replace an outgoing justice on the state Supreme Court.

Donald Trump Is Plotting His Next Crime

As we reflect on the outcome of the New York trial, we should pause to acknowledge that history was tragically derailed by Trump’s felonious conduct.