Court Declines to Block Portions of Georgia’s Voter Suppression Law

Today, a federal judge declined to block several provisions of Georgia’s Senate Bill 202.

U.S. Supreme Court To Review Republican Redistricting Case About State Legislative Power

Today, the U.S. Supreme Court granted a Republican petition out of North Carolina focused on the state’s congressional map, opening up review on the radical independent state legislature (ISL) theory during the Court’s next term.

Missouri Legislature Passes Strict Voter Identification Bill

Yesterday, the Missouri Legislature passed a new strict voter ID law after earlier efforts were struck down in court.

State Legislatures Reveal How the “Big Lie” Is Transforming

As legislative sessions conclude for the year, the laws introduced and passed in 2021 compared to 2022 clue us into the shifting priorities of Republicans seeking to sow doubt into our electoral process.

By Democracy Docket