Facing A Radical Right-Wing Lt. Gov., Josh Stein Offers A Vision for North Carolina

In his bid to be North Carolina's next governor, Josh Stein is positioning himself as a fierce defender of abortion access for everyone, voting rights and upholding democracy and someone who’s not afraid to fight for…

Redistricting updates

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New York Court Dismisses Voting Machine Challenge

Today, a New York court dismissed a challenge to the New York State Board of Elections’ approval of a touch screen voting machine, the ExpressVote XL.

3rd Circuit Keeps “County Line” Blocked for New Jersey’s 2024 Democratic Primaries

This afternoon, the 3rd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals unanimously affirmed a decision that blocked the controversial "county line" ballot design for New Jersey's June 2024 Democratic primary elections.

11th Circuit Will Allow Elections For Georgia Public Service Commission

After several years of not holding elections for the Georgia Public Service Commission, the 11th Circuit will allow new elections using a method that the lower court found violates the Voting Rights Act. 

Supreme Court Mifepristone Case Forecasts Decisions Worse Than Dobbs

If we want to preserve what we have left we have to acknowledge the very real and present threat and demand champions who will fight back.