5th Circuit To Reconsider Redistricting Precedent Under Voting Rights Act

The entire 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals will reconsider its established Voting Rights Act precedent that permits distinct minority communities to be combined for the purposes of Section 2 vote dilution claims. 

Ohio Supreme Court Allows Gerrymandered Legislative Maps To Remain for 2024

Yesterday, the Ohio Supreme Court dismissed a trio of lawsuits challenging the state’s legislative maps.  

SCOTUS Rules Arizona GOP Legislators Must Provide Documents in Lawsuit Over Two Voter Suppression Laws

Arizona House Speaker Ben Toma (R) and Senate President Warren Pettersen (R) will have to testify and provide documents in a lawsuit challenging two Arizona voter suppression laws following an order from the U.S. Supreme Court…

What’s at Stake in the Louisiana Secretary of State Race?

On Saturday, voters in Louisiana will cast ballots in the secretary of state race to determine who will become the chief election officer ahead of 2024.