Republicans Sue Over Nevada’s New Legislative and Congressional Maps

On Nov. 17, two Republicans filed a lawsuit in a Nevada state court challenging the Silver State’s newly passed legislative and congressional maps.

Oregon Court Upholds Congressional Map

Today, an Oregon state court panel unanimously upheld the state’s newly enacted congressional map, rejecting a challenge brought by Republicans seeking to throw out the map.

Louisiana Redistricting Lawsuit Pursuing Fair Maps Will Move Forward

A Louisiana state court recently denied an attempt to dismiss a case challenging the state’s current congressional map following the release of 2020 census data.

Proportional Representation: Reimagining American Elections to Combat Gerrymandering

One aspect of politics that has been getting a lot of attention this year is redistricting and gerrymandering. While redistricting commissions are often pointed to as a solution to gerrymandering, there are other, more radical ways…

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