Could Lawsuits Over Simple Ballot Mistakes Be the Difference in Key Swing States?

A key provision of the Civil Rights Act protects voters nationwide from being disenfranchised over innocent and minor accidental ballot mistakes. Republicans seem bothered by this reality, litigating against parties seeking to enforce the provision in…

Redistricting updates

EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW Could The 14th Amendment Kick Trump Off The Ballot?

Your one-stop-shop on what exactly Section 3 of the 14th Amendment is, how it applies to former President Donald Trump and where lawsuits challenging the former president’s eligibility stand.

Federal Court Strikes Down Provisions of Arizona Voter Suppression Laws

In a 109 page opinion issued earlier today, a federal court struck down provisions of two Arizona voter suppression laws.

Michigan Redistricting Commission Adopts New House Map Following Court Order

The Michigan Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission (MICRC) has adopted a new proposed House map after making changes to 15 districts. The map will soon be sent to federal judges for review.

Illinois Becomes Third State To Remove Trump From Primary Ballot

A circuit court judge in Cook County, Illinois ruled that former President Donald Trump should be removed from the state’s primary election ballot for his role in the insurrection in the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6,…

Republicans Launch a Legal Assault on Democracy

The fight in Arizona is only the latest example of how Republicans seek to alter and weaken rules to undermine election officials and subvert elections.