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State of Georgia

Georgia Gwinnett County Polling Hours Extension

In Re: Petition of Gwinnett County Board of Registrations and Elections Concerning the November 2022 General Election

Order granting a request by the Gwinnett County Board of Registrations and Elections to allow Precinct 59, designated as Landmark Church at 3737 Holcomb Bridge Road in Norcross, Georgia, to remain open until 7:08 p.m EST.



State of Georgia

Georgia Cobb County Absentee Ballots Challenge

Cook v. Cobb County Board of Elections & Registration

Lawsuit filed voters and the Cobb County Democracy Center against the Cobb County Board of Elections and Registration and its members, Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger (R) and the Georgia State Election Board and its members.


State of Georgia

Georgia 2000 Mules Voter Intimidation Lawsuit

Andrews v. D’Souza

Lawsuit filed on behalf of a Georgia voter, Mark Andrews, against right-wing activists and organizations alleging that the defendants falsely accused Andrews of “ballot fraud” in their film and accompanying book 2000 Mules.


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