State of Indiana

Indiana Voter Purge

League of Women Voters of Indiana v. Sullivan

Consolidated case filed by voting rights groups challenging two iterations of an Indiana law that purged voters’ registrations without providing adequate written confirmation and notice procedures in violation of the NVRA. The district court enjoined, and the 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals upheld, the state from implementing the first purge law, Senate Enrolled Act 442. Indiana then enacted a similar law, SEA 334, which was fundamentally the same as the prohibited law. The district court struck down the new law and the 7th Circuit affirmed, finding that “Just like Act 442, Act 334 impermissibly allows Indiana to cancel a voter’s registration without either direct communication from the voter or compliance with the NVRA’s notice-and-waiting procedures.” The case is remanded to the district court, which much narrow its permanent injunction related to the law.

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