State of Georgia

Georgia Voter Suppression Bill (Advancement Project)

Concerned Black Clergy v. Raffensperger

Lawsuit filed by Advancement Project National Office on behalf of the Samuel DeWitt Proctor Conference, Concerned Black Clergy, Mijente, the Georgia Latino Alliance for Human Rights, Faith in Action and a coalition of churches against Georgia challenging the voter suppression law Senate Bill 202. The case claims that S.B. 202 violates the First, 14th and 15th Amendments because it places an unnecessary burden on the right to vote. The Republican National Committee (RNC), National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC), National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) and Georgia Republican Party intervened in the case to protect S.B. 202. The case was administratively closed after being consolidated with five others bringing similar claims against S.B. 202. All future filings and updates can be found in In re: Georgia Senate Bill 202.

Case Documents

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