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Florida Redistricting Challenge (Pa’Lante)

Pa'Lante v. Florida House of Representatives

Lawsuit filed by Cubans Pa’Lante, Engage Miami, the American Civil Liberties Union Club at Florida International University (FIU ACLU Club) and five Southern Florida residents against Florida Secretary of State Cord Byrd (R) and the Florida House of Representatives challenging four congressional districts and seven state House districts in South Florida. The plaintiffs argue that the challenged districts unnecessarily split established communities like the city of Miami and Collier County, connect disparate neighborhoods and create non-compact shapes in a racial gerrymander. The plaintiffs allege that House Redistricting Committee Chair Rep. Tom Leek (R) admitted that the map is not race neutral and that the state Legislature drew the challenged districts based on race. The plaintiffs claim that the Legislature treated South Florida’s Hispanic and Latino communities as a politically cohesive group and intentionally sorted districts by race as a result. The plaintiffs argue these districts violate the 14th Amendment and ask the court to declare the map unconstitutional and order a new map. 

STATUS: Multiple motions are in progress before the district court. The plaintiffs filed their complaint on May 23, 2024. The secretary of state and Florida House of Representatives have not responded yet. 

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