State of Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania Undated and Wrongly Dated Mail-In Ballots Challenge (BPEP)

Black Political Empowerment Project v. Schmidt

Lawsuit filed on behalf of 10 pro-voting groups against Pennsylvania Secretary of the Commonwealth Al Schmidt (R) and the boards of elections in Philadelphia and Allegheny counties challenging a state election law that disqualifies mail-in ballots due to incorrect or missing dates on the outer envelope. The pro-voting groups allege that this law has led to the disqualification of over 10,000 mail-in ballots since the 2022 election. The plaintiffs argue that disqualifying undated and wrongly dated mail-in ballots deprives Pennsylvania voters of the right to vote, in violation of the state constitution. The plaintiffs ask the court to find this law unconstitutional and block Pennsylvania election officials from enforcing it. On June 10, the court granted two sets of motions to intervene — one from the Republican National Committee and the Republican Party of Pennsylvania and the other from the Democratic National Committee and the Pennsylvania Democratic Party

STATUS: The plaintiffs filed their petition on May 28, 2024. The defendants have not responded yet.

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