Second Lawsuit Filed Against Kansas’ New Congressional Map

WASHINGTON, D.C. — On Feb. 14, a group of Kansas voters filed a lawsuit in state court against Kansas’ new congressional map, the second to be filed today. Like the first lawsuit, the complaint argues the map violates the Kansas Constitution by favoring Republicans and diluting minority voting strength.

Specifically, the plaintiffs argue the congressional map violates multiple provisions of the Kansas Constitution by targeting both Democratic and minority voters in the Kansas City area. Currently contained entirely in the 3rd Congressional District, the enacted plan instead divides Wyandotte and Johnson counties between the 2nd and 3rd Congressional Districts in order to “[minimize] the ability of Kansas Democrats to elect a representative to Congress,” according to the lawsuit. The complaint also suggests that the enacted plan “surgically targets” the portions of Wyandotte County with the highest concentration of minority voters to ensure they have “no opportunity to elect their preferred candidates.” It also alleges that the Kansas Legislature violated its own redistricting criteria in approving the enacted plan and passed it using “a rushed process that substantially departed from ordinary legislative procedures.” The lawsuit asks the court to block the enacted map from being used and order the creation of a new plan that complies with state law.

Read the complaint here.

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