RNC Files Second Lawsuit Targeting Voter Rolls This Year

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Today, the Republican National Committee filed its fourth anti-voting lawsuit this year. This time, national Republicans are targeting voter rolls in Nevada ahead of this year’s elections. 

The RNC, the Nevada Republican Party and a voter allege that Nevada’s voter registration records are “inaccurate” and “bloated with ineligible voters” in violation of the National Voter Registration Act. The plaintiffs request an order requiring Nevada to develop and implement a list maintenance program to ensure that ineligible registrants are not on the voter rolls. 

This lawsuit comes after two similar lawsuits were filed last week. On Wednesday, the RNC filed a similar lawsuit in Michigan and on Thursday a right-wing legal group led by Cleta Mitchell filed a new lawsuit in South Carolina seeking to make voter records available to their group. 

As we head into the 2024 election, ensuring voters will not be wrongfully purged from the rolls will be a key concern for pro-democracy groups as the right continues a relentless legal effort to either make vote records publicly available or purge voters from state’s voter rolls. 

In the wake of a massive shake-up at the party, the RNC has pledged to pursue an aggressive litigation strategy in the lead-up to the 2024 elections and targeting list maintenance appears to be a large part of this strategy. Democracy Docket is currently tracking ten anti-voting lawsuits that target states’ voter rolls, two of which are from the RNC itself. 

Read the complaint here.

Learn more about the case here.