State of Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania York County Nonpartisan Observer Access Challenge

ACLU of Pennsylvania v. York County Board of Elections

Lawsuit filed by the American Civil Liberties Union of Pennsylvania against York County Board of Elections challenging the county’s restrictions on nonpartisan election observers. The plaintiffs allege that during the 2023 elections York County officials prevented a nonpartisan observer from observing the official vote count because she did not have a watcher’s certificate. A watcher’s certificate is a document that watchers must have to observe an official vote count. It includes the name of the candidate, organization, or party affiliation an observer represents. The plaintiffs argue that this restriction is a violation of the state law, which guarantees public access to official vote counts. They are asking the court to block these restrictions and allow nonpartisan observers access to York County’s official vote counts in all future elections.

STATUS: The complaint was filed on March 5 and remains pending in the trial court.

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