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New York Mount Pleasant Town Board Electoral Method Challenge

Serratto v. Town of Mount Pleasant

Lawsuit filed on behalf of Hispanic voters in Mount Pleasant, New York challenging the town’s method of electing members to the Mount Pleasant Town Board. The complaint alleges that the town’s at-large voting method violates the New York Voting Rights Act (NYVRA) by not allowing Hispanic voters to elect a candidate of their choosing to the town board. According to the complaint, experts hired by the town determined that the town is violating the NYVRA by disenfranchising Hispanic voters. The plaintiffs argue that the NYVRA requires the at-large system to be changed to ensure Hispanic voters are “no longer denied the adequate electoral representation they are guaranteed by law.” As mentioned in the complaint, the Hispanic community is 19% of the town’s population and in Sleepy Hollow, where the town’s Hispanic population is concentrated, Hispanic residents comprise 47% of the population. Despite the significant Hispanic population every person ever elected to the town board has been white. 

The plaintiffs allege that the town’s at-large election method violates New York law by suppressing voters and diluting Hispanic voters’ voting power. The plaintiffs request a court order declaring the at-large method in violation of New York law and request that the court adopt a new plan for the 2025 town elections. 

STATUS: The plaintiffs filed their complaint on Jan. 9, 2024. Litigation is ongoing.

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