State of Nevada

Nevada Redistricting Ballot Initiative Challenge II

Jeng v. Aguilar

Lawsuit filed on behalf of a voter against Nevada Secretary of State Francisco Aguilar (D) challenging a redistricting ballot initiative. The ballot initiative, proposed by Fair Maps Nevada PAC, would establish a seven member Independent Redistricting Commission that would draw legislative and congressional districts (as opposed to the Legislature) beginning in 2030. The lawsuit alleges that this ballot initiative violates the Nevada Constitution because “it creates a new state body, the Commission, but it raises no new revenue to pay the expenses of that body.” 

The plaintiff also alleges that the ballot initiative’s description is legally deficient because it fails to include the fact that the initiative will result in state spending. The plaintiffs allege that the ballot initiative violates the Nevada Constitution and Nevada law. 

The plaintiff asks for the court to prohibit the secretary of state from putting the redistricting initiative on the 2024 general election ballot.

STATUS: This case was consolidated with another case of the same name, Jeng v. Aguilar, where all future updates can be found.

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