State of Arizona

Arizona 2023 Election Procedures Manual Challenge (Petersen)

Petersen v. Fontes

Lawsuit filed on behalf of Arizona Senate President Warren Petersen (R) and Speaker of the Arizona House Ben Toma (R) against Secretary of State Adrian Fontes (D) challenging Arizona’s 2023 Election Procedures Manual (EPM). The plaintiffs allege that provisions of the 2023 EPM that pertain to Arizona’s Active Early Voting List, voter registration cancellation, petition circulator requirements (for a person who gathers signatures for candidate petitions or ballot initiatives), certifying elections and interpretations of ongoing legal proceedings conflict with Arizona law and the Arizona Constitution. The plaintiffs request that the court block these provisions. 

Pro-voting groups filed motions to intervene to defend the EPM.

STATUS: A hearing in this case was held on May 3. Litigation in ongoing.

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