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Redistricting 2021-2030

Ohio Census Delay Challenge

Ohio v. Coggins

Lawsuit brought by the state of Ohio against the U.S. Census Bureau challenging the delayed release of census data to the states. The lawsuit asked the court to declare that the Bureau violated the Census Act. The court denied the state’s motion for a preliminary injunction and dismissed the case for lack of jurisdiction.


Ohio Voter Registration Regulations

Project Vote v. Blackwell

Lawsuit filed by civic organizations in Ohio that wanted to engage in voter registration but were restricted by the state’s regulations on non-governmental entities assisting with such activities. The court found these laws violated the First and 14th Amendments, as well as the National Voter Registration Act, and issued a preliminary injunction enjoining the state from enforcing the regulations. Summary judgment was granted in favor of plaintiffs for all but one count, which was then voluntarily dismissed.