What Got Me Through 2020

A collage that includes a pink can of La Croix, the abulm "Alicia", the Partying Face emoji, the Serial podcast logo, a "Bark Box" featuring various dog toys and treats, a Meerkat Manor poster, and a book titled "No Rules Rules: Netflix and the Culture of Reinvention"

When people ask me how my work on over 150 voting rights cases this cycle went, I say we won more than we lost and more than I thought we would. So much so that it became a running joke on Twitter. Anytime I posted about our latest court victory, hundreds of people would ask, “Are you tired of winning?”

I started replying, “Never!” But as the election dragged into late December, I had to be honest. I was getting tired. Not of winning, but of fighting.

So, on the last day of 2020, I wanted to share with you what kept me going this extra-long election cycle — the light-hearted motivators and the inspiring activists. And of course, Bode and my amazing family. Because the fight for voting rights will continue in 2021, and I am ready to win again.

Best Song: Midnight Sky

Miley may have been Disney, but she is now Joan Jett meets Stevie Nicks. 

Best Album: Alicia 

Because she is Alicia and she sparks JOY!

Best Cover: Cruel Summer by Evanescence

A haunting version of the Bananarama 1984 pop hit that fit the summer of 2020.

Best Book: No Rules Rules: Netflix And The Culture Of Reinvention 

We can all learn from Netflix.

Bode’s Favorite: BarkBox 

Nothing else will do.

Best Peloton Instructor: Jenn Sherman 

You can say Cody, Robin or Emma, but you are wrong!

Best Streaming Show: Meerkat Manor

Forget Tigers, the world of streaming belongs to Meerkats.

Best Movie: None

Who had time for movies?

Best Snack: Quest Cookies and Cream Protein Bar or banana blueberry smoothie

Game day fuel.

Best Coffee: Starbucks 

You say you prefer some small craft coffee shop, but you don’t really.

Best Bubbly: LaCroix Hi-Biscus

The champagne of sparkling water.

Best Attire for Work From Home: Pullover

It is also the best attire for work from work.

Best Emoji: 🥳

Pure joy.

Best Twitter Accounts:


Funniest person on Twitter.


Follow for the politics, stay for the Jason Miller updates.


Best of the best in legal twitter.


When I needed a president, he was there.


Most thoughtful voice on a mostly thoughtless platform.


Good opinion, strong retweeter.




A personal hero and inspiration.


She is THE Alyssa Milano!


Everyone needs at least one law prof.


#magicdog!!! See for yourself…


OMG, treat yourself!!!


Because…it’s DOGS.


I know the secret to a 10/10…

Best Podcasts:


Still the best of the best.


Best cadence and best COVID coverage.

Reply All 

Eclectic and really interesting.


A different way of seeing history.

The Al Franken Podcast

Hilarious and very informative.

Best Trump Lawyer in the Post-Election: None

They lost 59 of 60 cases.

Worst Courtroom Lawyer in the Post-Election: Rudy Giuliani

Um, did you happen to see him?

Best Voting Rights Organization: Fair Fight

Stacey Abrams has built the premier voting rights powerhouse.

Best Campaign: Mark Kelly for Senate

Won by 2+% in Arizona.

Best Website: Democracy Docket 

Because Democracy is literally on the Docket.

Biggest Voting Rights Success: Increased vote by mail participation with fewer rejections

The central objective of most of my voting litigation in 2020.

Biggest Voting Rights Challenge: Virtually everything in Texas

Even the obstacles to voting are bigger in Texas.

Biggest Disappointment: The cowardice of the Republican Party

Even the cowardly lion in Oz is ashamed of them. Which reminds me…let’s make sure they don’t control the Senate next year. Support the Democrats running in the Georgia runoffs now!

Best Places to Give:

The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights

Protecting voting, civil and human rights.

World Central Kitchen

Feeding everyone who needs to eat.


Making sure America remains a land of immigrants.