*Four Pillars Lawsuit

*Maine COVID-19 Election Relief

Alliance for Retired Americans v. Dunlap

On behalf of the Alliance for Retired Americans,, and individual voters, we sued Maine regarding six laws and practices that restrict voting by mail in the state. Filed ahead of Maine’s July primary and the general election in November, the lawsuit challenges the state’s failure to accept online voter registration applications, the requirement that first-time registrants for vote by mail submit a photocopy of an ID, failure to provide pre-paid postage, voter assistance ban, Election Day receipt deadline, and wholesale rejection of absentee ballots that have a signature mismatch without any opportunity to cure.

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Maine Ballot Order

DSCC v. Dunlap

We are planning to sue Maine, in state court, challenging their alphabetical who regime. Maine’s ballot name order scheme requires every ballot in the state to be “arranged alphabetically with the last name first, under the proper office designation.” We contend that the statute unduly burdens the right to vote in violation of the First and Fourteenth Amendments and treats similarly situated candidates differently without sufficient justification, in violation of the Fourteenth Amendment.

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Maine Ranked-Choice Voting

Baber v. Dunlap

Intervened as Defendants on behalf of Jared Golden in a constitutional challenge to Maine’s Ranked-Choice Voting Act. Prior to the 2018 general election, Maine voters passed ranked-choice voting for federal elections, allowing voters to rank all candidates for an election. Under this system, if no candidate wins a majority of first-choice votes, the candidate with the fewest first-preference votes is eliminated and that candidate’s voters’ second-choice votes are considered, with the process repeating until a candidate wins an outright majority. Following the election, Bruce Poliquin, the incumbent Republican congressman for Maine’s Second Congressional District—who was likely to lose in the ranked-choice process—challenged the constitutionality of Maine’s Ranked-Choice Voting Act, arguing that it denied voters’ due process rights and violated the Voting Rights Act. We intervened on behalf of Jared Golden, the Democratic challenger to Poliquin. The Court issued a judgement for Defendants on the merits and Jared Golden was elected as the representative for Maine’s Second Congressional District.

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