State of Texas

Texas Redistricting Challenge (Fischer)

Fischer v. Abbott

Lawsuit filed on behalf of Texas House Rep. Trey Martinez Fischer (D) against Texas’ new congressional map drawn with 2020 census data. The complaint alleges that the map violates Section 2 of the Voting Rights Act because it dilutes minority voting strength, specifically that of Latino voters, across the state. The lawsuit focuses on the 35th Congressional District, which the plaintiff argues was reconfigured in order to decrease the district’s Latino voting population. The lawsuit also asserts that the new congressional map violates the 14th Amendment because it “disfranchises minority voters and discriminate[s] against plaintiffs on the basis race and national origin.” The complaint asks the court to block the use of the map in future elections. The lawsuit was consolidated with similar cases under League of United Latin American Citizens v. Abbott; all future filings can be found there.

Case Documents

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