State of Texas

Texas Harris County Judge Election Contest

Mealer v. Hidalgo

Election contest filed by Alexandra Mealer, the Republican candidate for the Harris County, Texas judge position, against her Democratic opponent, Lina Hidalgo, who won the election for Harris County judge by over 15,000 votes. Mealer alleges that the election results were “tainted by serious irregularities.” Specifically, she claims that the “voting rights” of Harris County voters, especially those in high Republican turn-out locations, were “suppressed” due to allegedly ‘illegal’ irregularities on Election Day — such as paper shortages and closures — that affected certain polling locations throughout the county. Mealer contends that the election results of the Harris County judge race do not represent the “true outcome” since they were tainted by “intentional fraud” that led to voter disenfranchisement. Mealer asks the court to declare the election results “void” and to order a new election. On Sept. 21, 2023, Mealer dropped the election contest, thereby ending litigation.

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