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Learn more about the lawsuits shaping voting rights, redistricting and elections by exploring Democracy Docket’s comprehensive database of cases. Click on any case to find a brief summary of the lawsuit and all relevant filings in the “case documents” section.

State of Alabama

Alabama Absentee Voting Accessibility Challenge II

Rissling v. Bobo

Lawsuit filed on behalf of four voters who are blind or have a print disability and the National Federation of the Blind of Alabama against absentee election managers for Tuscaloosa, Mobile and Jefferson counties challenging Alabama’s inaccessible absentee voting system for those who are blind or have print disabilities.


State of Alabama

Alabama Newbern Mayoral Selection Method Challenge

Braxton v. Stokes

Lawsuit filed on behalf of former mayoral candidate Patrick Braxton and five Black voters against Newbern, Alabama’s mayor, Haywood Stokes, and members of the Newbern Town Council, challenging the town’s policy of appointing a mayor without holding elections in violation of the U.S. Constitution, the Voting Rights Act (VRA) and state law. 


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