State of Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania Impasse Litigation (Gressman)

Gressman v. Degraffenreid

Lawsuit filed on behalf of Pennsylvania voters who are leading mathematicians and scientists to ensure that Pennsylvania adopts a new congressional map before the 2022 election cycle. The lawsuit argues that Pennsylvania’s current congressional map, which was drawn using 2010 census data, is malapportioned given population shifts over the last decade and  contains an extra district after the state lost a congressional seat following the 2020 census. The lawsuit asserts that, since the General Assembly and governor failed to reach a compromise on a new plan before the General Assembly concluded their session and the Legislature will not reconvene until January 2022, it is necessary for the judicial system to step in and draw new districts before the 2022 election cycle begins. The petitioners ask the court to block the use of the current congressional map in future elections because it violates multiple provisions of the Pennsylvania Constitution and adopt a new congressional map that is fairly apportioned. The case was consolidated with Carter v. Chapman; all filings and updated can be found on that case page.

Case Documents

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