State of Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania Delaware County Voting Machines Challenge

Mancini v. Delaware County, Pennsylvania

Lawsuit filed by a candidate for Delaware City Council and others against Delaware County and the Delaware County Board of Elections challenging the testing, operation and certification of voting machines. The plaintiffs assert that Delaware County has failed to properly test and certify their election machines in every election since November 2020, in turn enabling “election fraud.” They argue that the county’s unwillingness to conduct a secure-build validation, or “hash test,” as part of its election preparation and post-election canvassing could leave election machines vulnerable to tampering or modification going unnoticed. The plaintiffs allege that hash-testing is a crucial component of logic and accuracy testing for election machines and is necessary for machines to be properly certified. The plaintiffs claim this lack of proper certification violates state and federal law, and ask the court to prohibit the use of election machines in the 2024 general election in Delaware County. They ask the court to instead implement the use of hand counting as a method of vote tabulation and also request that the court reverse previous decisions that denied the plaintiffs’ access to election records. 

STATUS: The plaintiffs filed their complaint on June 4, 2024. The defendants have not responded yet.

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