State of Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania Chester County Drop Box Challenge

Romine v. Chester County Board of Elections

Lawsuit filed by America First Legal — a conservative group founded by Mark Meadows and Stephen Miller — on behalf of Chester County, Pennsylvania voters against the Chester County Board of Elections challenging the use of drop boxes in the county. The lawsuit alleges that if drop boxes are not physically monitored to ensure a person is only returning one ballot, the plaintiffs “will suffer irreparable harm in that the void or invalid ballots will dilute their validly cast ballots” in violation of the U.S. Constitution. Additionally, the plaintiffs argue that, once ballots are deposited in drop boxes, those votes may no longer be challenged. The plaintiffs seek an injunction and a writ of mandamus to compel the defendants to have all drop boxes in Chester County “physically monitored, in person, to assure that an individual only deposits one ballot belonging only to that individual into the drop box.” Shortly after the lawsuit was filed, the county implemented new rules regarding drop boxes and how they are monitored. After this, the plaintiffs filed a motion to voluntarily dismiss their challenge.

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