State of Oregon

Oregon Legislative Redistricting Challenge (Calderwood)

Calderwood v. Oregon Legislative Assembly

Lawsuit filed on behalf of two Oregon Republican voters challenging Oregon’s new legislative districts drawn with 2020 census data. The petition argues that two state House districts, Districts 8 and 12, were drawn in violation of Oregon redistricting criteria because the Legislative Assembly 1) failed to consider “political and geographic boundaries, communities of common interest, and transportation links” when drawing the districts and 2) drew the districts with “partisan intent” to favor an incumbent Democratic legislator. The petitioners ask the Oregon Supreme Court to declare the two challenged districts void and direct the Oregon secretary of state to revise the redistricting plan. The court dismissed the petition, finding that the petitioners “have failed to demonstrate that the parts of [the map] that define House Districts 8 and 12 do not comply with applicable law in any of the ways they have asserted.”

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