State of Missouri

Missouri Impasse Litigation (Pereles)

Pereles v. Ashcroft

Lawsuit filed on behalf of a group of Missouri voters over the state’s stalled redistricting process that has thus far failed to produce a new congressional map based on 2020 census data. The state’s current congressional map was drawn using 2010 census data and therefore does not accurately reflect the state’s population growth from the last decade. Because of this, the plaintiffs argue that the current districts are malapportioned and do not comply with the constitutional principle of one person, one vote. Given that the Missouri General Assembly appears deadlocked over the redistricting process, the plaintiffs ask the state court to intervene in the redistricting process to ensure that new congressional districts are in place for the 2022 election cycle. On May 20, the plaintiffs voluntarily dismissed the lawsuit.

Case Documents

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