State of Maryland

Maryland Legislative Redistricting Challenges

In re: 2022 Legislative Districting of the State

Lawsuit filed on behalf of three Republican House of Delegates members challenging Maryland’s new legislative maps drawn with 2020 census data. The plaintiffs allege that certain legislative districts are not contiguous, compact and/or do not respect natural and political boundaries in violation of the Maryland Constitution. Further, the plaintiffs allege that some districts were drawn as partisan gerrymanders to favor Democrats. They argue this violates multiple provisions of the state constitution “by unconstitutionally discriminating against Republican voters and infringing on their fundamental right to vote.” The lawsuit asks the Maryland Court of Appeals to block the new map and order the Maryland General Assembly to adopt a new map that complies with the state constitution. The case was consolidated with three others challenging the new legislative districts. All of the petitions were denied, meaning that the adopted legislative maps remained in place.

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