State of Alaska

Alaska Legislative Redistricting Challenge (Skagway Borough)

Skagway Borough v. Alaska Redistricting Board

Lawsuit filed on behalf of the municipality of Skagway Borough and one of its residents against the Alaska Redistricting Board challenging the state’s new legislative districts drawn with 2020 census data. The complaint alleges that the board passed new legislative maps in violation of Alaska’s Open Meetings Act by failing to offer adequate opportunities for public comment and declining to take citizen concerns into account. The complaint also argues that Skagway was placed with “dissimilar municipalities and localities” in the new legislative districts and the board ignored political boundaries and communities of interest, therefore diluting the voting power of Skagway residents. The suit asks the court to block the new legislative districts from taking effect and order the use of new valid maps. The case was consolidated with four other lawsuits challenging the new legislative districts; all future filings can be found here.

Case Documents

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