State of Alaska

Alaska Legislative Redistricting Challenge (Calista Corp.)

Calista Corp. v. Alaska Redistricting Board

Lawsuit filed on behalf of Calista Corporation, a regional Native corporation, and two residents of the Calista region against the Alaska Redistricting Board challenging the state’s new legislative maps. The complaint focuses on how the Calista region in southwest Alaska was drawn into new districts, arguing that the board did not put communities with strong socioeconomic ties in the same districts. The plaintiffs argue that the new House and Senate districts dilute the voting strength of the region’s Native voters “by placing them in districts with different social, political, and economic concerns” in violation of the Alaska and U.S. Constitutions and Section 2 of the Voting Rights Act. The complaint asks the court to block the use of the new legislative maps and order the creation of new maps that keep communities with shared interests together. The case was consolidated with four other lawsuits challenging the new legislative districts.

Case Documents

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