Voters Sue for Fair Maps in Minnesota

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Recently released census data has prompted a group of voters to sue their home state of Minnesota over unconstitutional congressional and legislative maps. The census data, released today, reflects the last decade of population and demographic shifts in the state, making the current maps used to elect representatives to state and local government unconstitutionally malapportioned. The suit is one of three filed across various states today. 

The plaintiffs are suing for injunctive relief and asking the court to step in and draw new maps in time for the 2022 election. As the current maps are unconstitutional, new maps are needed before voters return to the polls so that all of their voices are fairly heard. However, getting new maps quickly is unlikely; the Legislature is split, with Democrats holding a majority in the state House and Republicans in the state Senate. The case alleges that this split Legislature will be unable to reach a consensus on new redistricting maps in time for the next election and so the court must step in; in fact, courts have drawn Minnesota’s maps every redistricting year since 1970. With no reason to believe this year will be different, the plaintiffs are asking the court for speedy, fair and equally apportioned maps to be established before the next election so that every voter can have their say in their representation. 

The suit challenges both congressional and legislative districts. It was brought by a group of voters who plan to support Democrats in the next election.

Read the complaint here.

Learn more about the case here.