Voters Sue for Fair Maps in Pennsylvania

WASHINGTON, D.C. — A group of voters have sued Pennsylvania to ensure the state enacts new district maps before the next election. The release of new census data today, which illustrated the population and demographic shifts in the state over the last decade, has made the current congressional and legislative maps unconstitutionally malapportioned, the complaint alleges. The suit is one of three filed across various states today. 

The suit asks that the court permanently enjoin the current district map, preventing its use in any future elections and implement a new map that fairly and constitutionally represents today’s population in Pennsylvania. The judiciary gets involved in redistricting if the Legislature is unable to come to an agreement on new maps; in Pennsylvania, Republicans control the state Legislature but the governor is a Democrat. As there is little likelihood that a map drawn by the Legislature will pass the governor’s veto, the complaint asks the court to take up the task so that new maps can be in place in time for the 2022 election. 

The suit challenges both congressional and legislative districts. It was brought by a group of voters who plan to support Democrats next election.

Read the complaint here.