Utah Enacts New Election Law With Identification Requirements and More

WASHINGTON, D.C. — On Tuesday, Utah Gov. Spencer Cox (R) signed numerous new bills into law, including one focused on “election security.” House Bill 313, which cleared the Republican-controlled Legislature several weeks ago, most notably requires voters who did not provide voter identification during registration to present it before voting. People who registered online or at a voter registration event most likely did not submit  identification when first registering. In a state where 94% of the population voted by mail (or via drop box) in 2020, those voters will now have to include a photocopy of their identification with their mail-in ballot. 

H.B. 313 also requires 24-hour video surveillance of drop boxes, at least two poll workers present to collect and deliver ballots from drop boxes and additional reporting on the chain of custody of ballots collected. Similarly, the law adds new requirements for county clerks to monitor the progression of ballots and bars election officials from soliciting funds, except from government entities. Finally, the law empowers the lieutenant governor to conduct an annual audit of the voter registration database and adds new guidelines for election equipment. 

Read H.B. 313 here.