Nevada Republicans Campaign for Photo ID and Against Mail-In Ballots

WASHINGTON, D.C. — A Republican-led PAC called “Repair the Vote” has proposed two ballot measures that would restrict voting access in Nevada. The first seeks to add a photo identification requirement so that voters would have to show photo ID at the polls or for mail-in ballots, provide the last four digits of their driver’s license or Social Security number. The second ballot measure aims to repeal part of Nevada’s mail-in voting law, a provision passed in 2021 that automatically sends all registered voters a mail-in ballot unless they opt-out. The two ballot measures must reach the required threshold of valid signatures — 140,777 (10% of 2020 voters) spanning all four congressional districts — to get on the November ballot.

The organizers have submitted their ballot measures to the secretary of state’s office and are now in the process of gathering signatures by June 29. Similar ID ballot measures are also underway in Arizona, Nebraska, Michigan and elsewhere.

Read more about the proposed ballot measures here.