State of Vermont

Vermont Burlington Noncitizen Voting Challenge

Morin v. City of Burlington

Lawsuit filed by the Restoring Integrity and Trust in Elections (RITE) on behalf of two Vermont voters against the city of Burlington challenging a law authorizing noncitizen voting in local elections. In June 2023, Burlington amended its city charter to allow adult noncitizens to vote in the city’s local elections. This includes school board elections and votes on the city’s annual education budget. The plaintiffs allege that because the city’s education funding is decided by local voters but paid for by the State Education Fund, the amendment violates the Vermont Constitution, which requires U.S. citizenship to cast a vote on “any matter that concerns the State of Vermont.” They ask the court to issue an order banning the city from registering and allowing noncitizens to vote in educated-related elections and referendums. 

STATUS: The plaintiffs filed their complaint on June 18, 2024. The city of Burlington has not responded yet. 

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