State of Ohio

Ohio Congressional Redistricting Challenge (LWVO)

League of Women Voters of Ohio v. Ohio Redistricting Commission

Lawsuit filed in the Ohio Supreme Court on behalf of the League of Women Voters of Ohio (LWVO), A. Philip Randolph Institute of Ohio and several individuals challenging Ohio’s new congressional map drawn with 2020 census data. The complaint argues that the new map was drawn to guarantee a Republican majority in the state’s House delegation and is therefore a partisan gerrymander in violation of the Ohio Constitution. The suit asks the court to declare the new map invalid and order the creation of fair congressional districts.

After oral argument was held, the court held in a 4-3 opinion that the new congressional map was a partisan gerrymander that “unduly” favored Republicans in violation of the state constitution. The court order the Legislature to redraw the entire map within 30 days of the decision.

After the Legislature failed to pass a second map, the Ohio Redistricting Commission passed a new map on March 2. The petitioners sought to challenge the second map, which they alleged is a similar configuration to the first map that was struck down and is therefore unconstitutional. The court rejected this challenge, noting that it “entered final judgment in this case on January 14, 2022 and did not retain jurisdiction to review any plan passed or adopted under Article XIX, Section 3(A) or 3(B) of the Ohio Constitution.”

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