State of Kansas

Kansas Voter Suppression Bills (LWV)

League of Women Voters of Kansas v. Schwab

Lawsuit brought by the League of Women Voters of Kansas, Loud Light, Kansas Appleseed and Topeka Independent Resource Center challenging the passage of two voter suppression laws, House Bill 2183 and House Bill 2332. The case claims that the laws — which criminalize individuals for giving voter assistance, limit ballot collection, restrict advocacy organizations from helping voters and more — violate the Kansas Constitution by unduly burdening Kansans’ right to vote. The district court denied the plaintiffs’ motion for a partial temporary injunction, which sought to prohibit the enforcement of the provision that criminalizes the action of “knowingly misrepresenting” oneself as an elections official or engaging in election-related activity that “gives the appearance” of being an elections officials. The plaintiffs appealed the denial to the Kansas Court of Appeals. Litigation before the state appellate court is ongoing.

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