State of Indiana

Indiana St. Joseph County Election Board Duties Challenge

Dixon v. Glenn

Lawsuit filed by a Republican member of the St. Joseph County Election Board, the Indiana Republican State Committee and the St. Joseph County Republican Party against the clerk of the St. Joseph County Circuit Court and the chair of the St. Joseph County Election Board challenging an Oct. 7 resolution regarding the responsibilities of the county election board. The plaintiffs allege that the resolution assigns two tasks (checking absentee ballot signatures and “maintaining and securing key access to absentee ballots”) to the circuit court clerk that are “statutorily required to have bi-partisan participation” in violation of Indiana law. The plaintiffs also allege that Indiana law “requires a unanimous resolution and a specification of the duties and responsibilities to be exercised by the appointee” as opposed to a majority vote, which the resolution received. The plaintiffs request a judgment stating that a resolution “cannot delegate statutory duties of partisan board members to the circuit court clerk by majority vote or resolution” and a temporary restraining order or a preliminary or permanent injunction blocking the resolution. The case was dismissed on Jan. 13, 2023.

Case Documents (marshall circuit court)

Case Documents (st. joseph superior court)

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