Montana Republicans Move to Ban Same-Day Voter Registration

WASHINGTON, D.C.—Republicans in the Montana legislature have advanced HB 176, a bill that would ban same-day voter registration, a 15-year policy used by thousands of Montanans every election. Every Republican in the Montana statehouse voted for the bill, ignoring voters’ approval of the policy via a  2014 referendum. Montana House passed the measure last month, and on Wednesday the Senate followed suit after their second reading. 

Between 1% and 2.3% of Montana voters choose to register to vote on Election Day, totalling thousands of eligible voters. State Democrats have called the move a clear attempt at suppressing votes in the state, and Native American leaders emphasized the added difficulty for tribal voters who already  have to travel far to reach polling locations. Under the new bill, Native American voters would have to complete two separate trips to register and vote.

After passing the Senate, the bill returns to the House for approval of a minor additional amendment before heading to the Governor’s desk. Republican Governor Greg Gianforte has publicly supported the bill and is expected to sign it into law. 

Read HB 176 here.