Democrats Push for Security Measures After Capitol Riots

WASHINGTON, D.C. — After the violent insurrection at the U.S. Capitol in January that put the lives of hundreds of sitting members of Congress at risk, the DCCC and DSCC have requested that the Federal Election Commission (FEC) allow campaign funds to be used to provide security for members and candidates. Threats against members of Congress have risen almost 100% in 2021 alone compared to 2020 and dozens of members have penned letters to House leadership requesting more investment and allowance for personal security expenses out of fear for their lives. 

In their letter, the DCCC and DSCC make three requests. First, they ask that any allowance of campaign funds for security personnel only be allowed if those personnel are from legitimate, bona fide security agencies or firms. This is to ensure that Republican lawmakers do not use campaign funds to pay alt-right militia groups like the Proud Boys to stand in as security at their events. Second, the letter requests that the FEC remove the requirement that the Capitol Police must assess if the threat level against a member is sufficient to warrant security, arguing that members and their staff have the best perspective on the volume and legitimacy of threats. No other use of campaign funds requires a third party to pre-approve the expenditure. And finally, the letter asks that members be allowed to extend their security to all immediate family and minor children, even if they are not living in the same household. The FEC will hold an open meeting on the proposed rule on March 25. 

Read the comment to the FEC here.