Since 2020, the number of voting and election lawsuits from both anti- and pro-democracy groups has skyrocketed. Democracy Docket is the only news outlet tracking and reporting on over 700 of these cases, helping voters understand how it all impacts them.

With the surge in voter suppression and election subversion tactics ahead of November, Democracy Docket is dedicated to exposing what’s happening to voters and election systems in courts across the country.

Our team of 15 tracks these lawsuits to keep our case database updated; debunks misinformation and breaks down complex decisions through reliable reporting and creates videos to explain the latest in the medium you prefer. 

We believe our case pages, articles and flagship newsletters should be free for all, especially during a critical election year. But we need your support to keep it that way.

Reader contributions help ensure that anyone who wants to access a case page or read a news article can do so — without any additional cost. 

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