Voting Rights Advocates Sue Over Florida Law

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Voting rights groups sued the state of Florida on Thursday after Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) signed Senate Bill 90 into law. S.B. 90 is a voter suppression bill that limits the time absentee ballot requests are honored, shortens ballot drop box hours and bans the distribution of food and water to voters in line. 

The complaint, brought by the League of Women Voters of Florida, Black Voters Matter Fund and the Florida Alliance for Retired Americans, argues that the new law establishes an undue burden on the right to vote, a violation of free speech rights and that the ban on distributing food and water to voters in line is unconstitutionally broad and vague. They ask that the court strike down the restricting provisions of the law due to their unconstitutionality under the First and 14th Amendments and stop the government of Florida from enforcing these provisions. 

Read the complaint here.