Virginia Democrats Enact Four New Voting Expansion Laws

WASHINGTON, D.C. — On Monday, Gov. Ralph Northam (D) signed new legislation to expand voting access in Virginia. The laws, passed by the Democratic-majority Legislature, are the latest push by leaders in the state to expand ballot access as Republicans across the country push to suppress their constituents’ votes. The legislation, House Bills 1968, 1921 and 1888 and Senate Bill 1245, include new provisions that:

  • Expand in-person absentee voting to include Sundays.
  • Allow voters with physical disabilities to cast their votes outside their polling locations. 
  • Require that absentee ballots begin to be counted before Election Day to allow a chance for voters to correct any mistakes on their ballots.

After signing the bills during an event at the Virginia Civil Rights Memorial, Northam said “Virginia is leading the way in protecting the sacred right to vote—Congress and states across the country should follow our example.” 

Read H.B. 1968, 1921, 1888 and S.B. 1245 here.