North Carolina Republicans Introduce Bill Limiting Early Voting

WASHINGTON, D.C. — On Thursday, Feb. 16, North Carolina Republicans introduced House Bill 123, which would propose a constitutional amendment to limit in-person early voting in the state. Currently, early voting begins on the third Thursday before Election Day. In 2022, for example, early voting began on Oct. 20, more than two weeks before Election Day. Under H.B. 123, early voting would instead be limited to just seven days. The proposal represents an attack of the most popular voting method in the state; in 2022, over half of voters voted early.

If passed by both chambers of the North Carolina General Assembly, the proposed amendment would go before the voters for approval during the 2024 November general election and take effect in 2026. However, proposed amendments to the North Carolina Constitution must be approved by three-fifths of each chamber. Republicans have sufficient numbers in the state Senate, but are one vote short of a three-fifths majority in the state House.

Read H.B. 123 here.

Track the status of H.B. 123 here.