Nevada Democrats Sign Permanent Mail-in Voting Into Law

WASHINGTON D.C. — On Wednesday, Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak (D) signed a bill into law that establishes permanent mail-in voting in the state of Nevada. Assembly Bill 321 will allow all voters to vote by mail, requiring them to opt out rather than opt in to receive a mail-in ballot for every election. Voters can still vote in person at the polls if they choose. The bill passed the Democratic-controlled Nevada Legislature on Wednesday along a party-line vote. 

The law is another expansion of voting rights inspired by the 2020 election, during which Nevada expanded mail-in voting to help voters cast their ballots safely during the COVID-19 pandemic. Almost half of all the voters in the state cast a mail-in ballot last election. In a statement upon the bill’s signing, Sisolak celebrated the state’s accomplishment: “At a time when state legislatures across the country are attempting to roll back access to the polls, I am so proud that Nevada continues to push forward with proven strategies that make voting more accessible and secure,” he said. 

Read A.B. 321 here.