North Carolina GOP Introduces Bill To Withdraw from Voter Data Organization ERIC

WASHINGTON, D.C. — On Monday, March 20, North Carolina Republicans introduced House Bill 396, which would repeal the state’s authorization to participate in the Electronic Registration Information Center (ERIC), a nonprofit organization that allows states to share information to help maintain accurate voter rolls. The bill would also ban the state board of elections from entering into a new agreement with ERIC unless given permission by the Legislature.

ERIC started in 2012 as an opt-in coalition of both red and blue states alike, but has recently been swept into right-wing election conspiracies. Within the past year, five states — Alabama, Florida, Louisiana, Missouri and West Virginia — have withdrawn their membership. Florida, Missouri and West Virginia announced their exit just two weeks ago and Ohio announced its withdrawal last Friday.

Republicans control both chambers of the state Legislature, although if passed, Gov. Roy Cooper (D) would be able to veto H.B. 396. Republicans could, however, try to override Cooper’s veto, as they have sufficient numbers in the state Senate and are just one vote short in the state House.

Read H.B. 396 here.

Track the status of H.B. 396 here.