Georgia Statehouse Introduces New Elections Bill

WASHINGTON, D.C. — The Georgia House Special Committee on Election Integrity introduced a new omnibus elections bill — House Bill 531 — today that proposes a slew of changes to how the state conducts its elections. Many of the proposed changes would undoubtedly suppress eligible voters, especially burdening minority voters in Georgia.

Some of the most dangerous of the proposals listed in H.B. 531 include: only allowing mobile voting buses in emergency circumstances, cutting the time voters can apply for an absentee ballot, stopping elections officials from sending absentee ballot applications directly to voters, reducing drop box hours, striking out-of-precinct voting and restricting early voting times.

The special committee was created in early January following months of baseless claims of election fraud in Georgia. The committee was tasked with ensuring proper security and oversight of elections. This will not be the last disenfranchising bill to come out of the Georgia Legislature.

Read H.B. 531 here.