Lawsuit Challenges Second Republican Attempt for Voter ID Ballot Initiative

WASHINGTON, D.C. — On June 7, a lawsuit was filed on behalf of a Nevada voter in state court challenging a new Republican-led ballot initiative seeking to create strict ID rules for future elections. The initiative, filed mid-May by R.I.S.E. Nevada, seeks to create a new photo ID requirement for in-person voting, limit acceptable IDs that voters can present to cure a mismatched signature and require the state to provide free photo IDs in certain circumstances. This is a second attempt by Republicans in the state to adopt photo ID laws through ballot initiatives; the first attempt seeking to enact similar ID laws was rejected in April.

The lawsuit filed today argues that this new ballot initiative is misleading because “the description omits crucial information regarding how the new restrictions will function,” stating that although the description mentions the new photo ID requirements, it does not explain which voters would need to request the free photo ID and it also “fails to mention that the proposed changes…would also alter Nevada’s processes for voter registration and curing mail ballots.” The complaint also highlights the fact that the petition does not detail any method for raising funds to cover the no-cost photo IDs it is requesting. Because the ballot initiative’s description is “confusing, deceptive, and misleading, and does not sufficiently explain the major ramifications” and asks for an unfunded expenditure, the lawsuit asks the court to declare the initiative invalid.

Read the complaint here.

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