Fair Fight Requests Temporary Restraining Order Against True The Vote

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Today, Fair Fight filed motion for a temporary restraining order in federal court to stop True The Vote from illegally challenging voters. It also responded to Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger’s (R) failure to do his job when it comes to protecting the rights of Georgia voters and instructing county boards to follow federal law. Fair Fight Senior Advisor Lauren Groh-Wargo issued the following statement:

“We are unsurprised that, on the day that Secretary Raffensperger’s corruption and waste of taxpayer dollars is exposed in a bombshell report, he is eager to change the subject, ignore federal law, and defend an organization that is actively trying to disenfranchise Georgians who are taking care of sick family members, relocating temporarily because of the economic crisis, or serving in the military.

“Secretary Raffensperger seems to care more about the ability of a Texas organization with a racist past to illegally coordinate with the Republican Party of Georgia in an 11th hour attempt to disrupt our election than he does about lawful Georgia voters’ right to remain on the rolls. He purposely ignores that 40 county election boards – controlled by both Democrats and Republicans – have rejected True The Vote’s attempt to illegally challenge their voters.

“Raffensperger and out-of-state voter suppression groups may not have an appreciation for federal law or the rights of Georgia voters, but the courts do. Given that Secretary Raffensperger has failed to direct county boards to comply with federal law, Georgia voters’ only option is to seek relief in the courts. It is for that reason that we are filing a request for a temporary restraining order today to stop True The Vote from illegally challenging Georgia voters.

“Fair Fight encourages Georgians to not be distracted, to not be intimidated, and to vote. Call the voter protection hotline at 888-730-5816 with any questions.”

Read the motion for a temporary restraining order here.